It’s been a riveting holiday season, with weekend holiday trainings for children around Kampala City. From December 2019, into the most extraordinary decade yet, 2020, we shall be conducting creative sessions with children, ages 6 to 12 years. We began by creating images and portrayals of the world in 2020-2030. The children envisaged, created and shared.

Photo depicting the dew decade 2020-2035

The world in 2020-2030. Babishai Children’s Holiday session, December 2019

From 2014, Babishai has been conducting trainings for children, at least three times a year. In 2017, we held our first Babishai children’s production entitled, ‘When Children Dare to Dream,’ which was combined with the launch of our  children’s poetry and short story anthology, titled, ‘When Children Dare to Dream, available at BookPoint Kampala, or which can be delivered at your doorstep.

Poster, advertising the book launch in December.

The trainings are mostly conducted by Director, Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, a prolific writer, public speaker and artrepreneur. She currently teaches secondary students in English and Literature at an international school, that follows a Cambridge curriculum. She is a leader at Bukoto Toastmasters club in Kampala, and an author of note.

Children creating.

Beverley firmly believes that children, and adults too, have the ability to create, and the resources too. They just need time to believe it and actually do it. The Babishai holiday creative sessions are stimulating, packed with interaction, creative analyses and building words into poems.

clamour: meaning noise. (learning new words.

Learning new words and applying them appropriately, is part of what we do, as children grow, read and learn together.

Superfluous of creativity.

If you’re interested, e have four sessions left of this holiday. It’s 250,000/- per child. Call +256 751 703226.

We wish you a most blest Christmas and New Year.




On Friday 18 March, to celebrate World Poetry Day, Babishai launched its quarterly Babishai Barbeque Nights at Blue Hummingbirds in Muyenga. Given the strength of spoken word events in Kampala like Poetry in session and Tontoma Poetry Jazz, there is a growing audience and a growing spoken word community which speaks into progress.


Preparing for the barbeque

Given the recent ripple effect of Presidential elections that arguably  crippled social media freedom for  a while and small businesses, events like these give an outlet for unhinged expressions, which are necessary for survival.

This night was held in the unique and breath-taking gardens of Blue Hummingbirds, where poets, musicians, word lovers and the corporates gathered to experience an  infusion of barbeque and poetry. The Body of Brian,with his melodious Humanoid, stunned the crowd. Mark Gordon,  slam poet, recited several poms amongst them, Rolex, published in Boda Boda Anthem.


The Body of Brian, performing Humanoid.

Israel Kalyango was probably the biggest surprise when he sang Lean on Me. Rather timid at first, his gifted voice rang throughout the night. One of our favourite comedians Daniel Omara, was able to wow us at every interval with his unforgettable jokes and gimmicks. you should hear the on about his surname.

Earlier that day, Babishai participated in the Song of Lawino 50th anniversary symposium, held at Makerere University. Packed to the brim with academics, students, schools and writers, Okot p’Bitek received a full honour that day.


Professor Taban lo Liyong and Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva at Makerere University.

During the Babishai Poetry Festival from  24-26 August in Kampala, we’ll be holding more celebrations of Song of Lawino @ 50.