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When Children Dare to Dream, a children’s poetry and short story anthology, written and edited by Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva and Kariuki wa Nyamu including contributions from children poets. Along with a short story, this anthology has been well-received world-wide and continues to be a platform where children can celebrate creative words while learning life values. The illustrations by John Joshua Gibu, reflect the various literary landscapes of a child’s and adult’s mind. This anthology was officially launched in August 2017, during the third Babishai poetry festival.

Boda Boda Anthem: A Kampala Poetry Anthology, is the second of our publications. Launched during our first festival in 2015 and edited by Mildred Barya, it has been described as an assortment of Kampala’s finest. The contributors came from all over the world and  their words have changed the perception of Kampala, from hilly, to magnificent to unpredictable.

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A Thousand Voices Rising, anthology of African contemporary poetry is an exquisite tapestry of words. Published in 2014, after collecting and compiling poems from African poets all over the world, Beverley Nambozo edited the set of poems and this is the final delightful product.

A Thousand Voices Rising 2014

Brief about the anthology:

The anthology is a product of the BN Poetry Foundation. After 5 years, we saw it fit to publish the winning poets from 2009. Alongside those BNPA winners are other poets from around Africa. Established poets like Prof. Jack MAPANJE, Dr. Susan Kiguli, Mildred Barya, experimental poets and those hardly known, those who dabble in poetry once in a while like Abubakar Adam Ibrahim, Davina Kawuma and Beatrice Lamwaka. We have the Caine prize winner of 2012, Rotimi Babatunde, winner of the 2012 Sillerman Book Prize, Cllifton Gachagua, the brain behind Kenya’s feminist blog, Michael Onsando and many more. It is a project of passion. Having been delayed for eight months, I can only thank the contributors for believing that poetry gets better as it ages.

The anthology is currently available in Nairobi at a 50% discount of 500 ksh. For details on how to receive it, please call +254 722 790479. In Kampala, copies are available at Aristoc Booklex and Femrite offices. This anthology was supported by Prince Claus Fund. In 2014, we received the grand honour of being voted top 100 of books published from 2010 to 2014 in a survey conducted by This is Africa.

It’s an incredible collection of poetic voices.

A few reviews are here: