Babishai2020 Haiku Award-Giving Ceremony: Facebook Live

Join us on Tuesday 29 December, 2020 for the Babishai2020 haiku Award-Giving ceremony, from 6:00pm EAT. Here are the shortlisted poets.


There will be panel discussions on Politics, Poetry, and Persuasion.

Performances from poets all over Africa.

Forecast of Babishai, into 2021.

Introducing our new ‘Women, Politics and Poetry’, in January, 2021.



6:00-6:10pm: Introduction, Thanksgiving Tributes, and Welcome

6:10pm-6:30pm: Panel Discussion: Politics, Poetry and Persuasion, with Lekpele Nyamalon (Liberia) and Waruguru wa Kiai (Kenya)

6:30pm-6:35pm-Q and A

6:35pm-6:50pm: Poetry, Nature, The Future -Discussion by Dr. Sara Kaweesa (PhD)

6:50pm-7:00pm: Poetry Performances: Rashida Namulondo (Uganda), Kunta Moloise (Botswana)

7:00pm-7:30pm: Panel discussion and readings with shortlisted poets (Akello Charlotte-Uganda, Adipo Sidang-Kenya, Praise Osawaru-Nigeria, Herbert Omuna-Uganda, Ali Znaidi-Tunisia)

7:30pm-7:35pm Q and A

7:35pm-7:40pm-Performances by Rashida Namulondo and Kunta Moloise

7:40pm-7:55pm: Announcement, Award-giving, (Kariuki wa Nyamu, Richard Ali, Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva)

7:55pm-8:00pm: Close, Networking, Feedback forms


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The #Babishai2020 Haiku Shortlist

What a WOW experience!

Warm Congratulations to the five poets listed below.



total blackout…

street lamps glow with

mating fireflies

Name: Ali Znaidi

Country: Tunisia



the morning rain falls

endlessly hugging thy sleep

frozen ideas die


NAME: Andrew Herbert Omuna

Country: Uganda



the wind plays

every tree sways to its song–

nature’s musical


Name: Praise Osawaru

Country: Nigeria



delicate mounds

parting soil in the night

to die out soon

Name: Akello Charlotte

Country: Uganda



ringed with its papers

and tracked like jailbird on bail

the immigrant lands…

Name: Adipo Sidang’

Country: Kenya