It’s been a riveting holiday season, with weekend holiday trainings for children around Kampala City. From December 2019, into the most extraordinary decade yet, 2020, we shall be conducting creative sessions with children, ages 6 to 12 years. We began by creating images and portrayals of the world in 2021-2031. The children envisaged, created and shared.

Photo depicting the dew decade 

The world in 2021-2031. Babishai Children’s Holiday session, December 2019

From 2014, Babishai has been conducting trainings for children, at least three times a year. In 2017, we held our first Babishai children’s production entitled, ‘When Children Dare to Dream,’ which was combined with the launch of our  children’s poetry and short story anthology, titled, ‘When Children Dare to Dream, available at BookPoint Kampala, or which can be delivered at your doorstep.

Poster, advertising the book launch in December.

The trainings are mostly conducted by Director, Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva, a prolific writer, public speaker and artrepreneur. She currently teaches secondary students in English and Literature at an international school, that follows a Cambridge curriculum. She is a leader at Bukoto Toastmasters club in Kampala, and an author of note.

Children creating.

Beverley firmly believes that children, and adults too, have the ability to create, and the resources too. They just need time to believe it and actually do it. The Babishai holiday creative sessions are stimulating, packed with interaction, creative analyses and building words into poems.

clamour: meaning noise. (learning new words.

Learning new words and applying them appropriately, is part of what we do, as children grow, read and learn together.

Superfluous of creativity.

If you’re interested, e have four sessions left of this holiday. It’s 250,000/- per child. Call +256 751 703226.

We wish you a most blest Christmas and New Year.




There are few pleasures like training children in poetry. The Babishai Kidz and Kreativity Program for 2018 has transformed, re-invested and reshaped the learning platform for children.


By using creative tools like Shindles, which is a tool that enables children to learn a new word every lesson and use it creatively and appropriately, the Babishai program has proven to work.

During the second term holiday for majority of Ugandan children, the training covered three weeks; six lessons in total.  divided into poemolecules; or what Babishai categorizes into expectations, challenges, life stories, poetry, rhyme and evolution, the children followed a step-by-step guide, building their potential as poets, creators and story-tellers.


The Babishai Kidz and Kreativity program occurs all year round, targeting children in both the local and international schools. The holiday seasons are a delight because often parents are exasperated by the amount of time that their children spend on gadgets like i-phones and i-pads. Babishai is the creative alternative to this pandemic. There are several partners whom Babishai has worked closely with, who share similar values of promoting and creating  a massive writing and reading culture amongst children. Sooo Many Stories, managed by Nyana Kakoma , is a good example of that. Storymoja in Kenya are other partners, with a knack for raising the reading standards unapologetically and we have delighted in partnering with them on many occasions.

With a population of about 40 million in Uganda, 70% of whom are youth, the need for creative arts training in children, cannot be overstated. Reading and writing is an assurance to steady leadership. Uganda requires intentional and consistent practise of reading and writing amongst her children. Babishai’s emphasis is on poetry because poets, with immersing themselves deeper into the act of reading and writing poetry, are able to revel in mystery, unravel tangled complexities of the human mind, politics and socio-economics and then detoxify it all into the marvellous assortment of poetry.

The #Babishai2018 Poetry Festival is scheduled for 3-6 August in Kapchorwa and Mbale, with an excursion entitled, PoetryAtSipi, where poets from all over Africa will be surrounded by the spectacular crystal waterfalls of Sipi. This will be combined with a visit to Mbale, hosted at Starlight by renowned Professor and poet, Timothy Wangusa.

Don’t miss out on the festival. Follow this link for details.