We took a leap, and in February, launched a children’s book titled, ‘Gorillas of Bwindi Avenue.’ Dr, Harriet Babikako and Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva began the research in 2021, identifying the thrills of gorilla trekking, the logistical preparation before taking the trek and also the various locations around Uganda.

All mountain gorillas in the world are found in DRC, Rwanda and Uganda, with Uganda hosting over 50% of these intriguing animals. Amidst the research, the authors discovered that humans share 98% DNA as gorillas and that they are mostly habituated in families. Thee family adventure book, ‘Gorillas of Bwindi Avenue,’ is a journey to Buhoma, the Northern sector of Bwindi. This children’s book, published by Babishai, shall travel across the world highlighting the indescribable experience of gorilla trekking.

Copies available at 30,000UGX or 9 USD

Email bnpoetryaward@gmail.com

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