The #Babishai2020 Haiku Shortlist

What a WOW experience!

Warm Congratulations to the five poets listed below.



total blackout…

street lamps glow with

mating fireflies

Name: Ali Znaidi

Country: Tunisia



the morning rain falls

endlessly hugging thy sleep

frozen ideas die


NAME: Andrew Herbert Omuna

Country: Uganda



the wind plays

every tree sways to its song–

nature’s musical


Name: Praise Osawaru

Country: Nigeria



delicate mounds

parting soil in the night

to die out soon

Name: Akello Charlotte

Country: Uganda



ringed with its papers

and tracked like jailbird on bail

the immigrant lands…

Name: Adipo Sidang’

Country: Kenya




One thought on “The #Babishai2020 Haiku Shortlist

  1. Kamagaju Rachael says:

    You really inspire me . I am
    16 and I write poems and I want to be heard because I write my poems with messages but nobody has read them and known there purpose. If you can help me I would be grateful . I featured in my schools anthology called The Poetry bungalow by Seeta High students and my name is Kamagaju Racheal

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