Namagunga Primary wins The #Babishai2016 Schools’ Competition

“We see it but we don’t understand it. We understand it but we don’t own it.”

“Poetry is a teacher,  an emotional healer,  an activist, an intelligent mirror,  an appraiser,  a pleasure and a treasure in times of joy.”


St. Thereza Namagunga Primary School presented these unforgettable quotes during the #Babishai2016 Poetry Festival in August. The young brilliant minds redefined African poetry,  set the stage for a tremendous performance.

Competing against Hope Senior School Watoto,  the two schools put their best feet forward with incredible talent. Hope Senior School Watoto amused the audience when they began with a play where when a teacher asked them about a folk song,  the best they could do was a song from the 90s.


Hope Senior School Watoto students

The younger girls of Namagunga stole the day when they performed Okot p Bitek’s poetry,  significant for the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Song of Lawino.

Towards the close,  there was a panel discussion led by the children. Acaye Pamela reminded us how words evoke emotion and truth and when it came to award-giving,  Mama Tendo,  proprietor of the Mama Tendo Foundation,  gave out the prizes and cerificates,  appreciating Babishai for the excellent work in promoting creative literature amongst children.


Mama Tendo reading a poem

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