Elixir by Famia Nkansa (Ghana)

Elixir  by Famia Nkansa (Ghana)

When you touch me

My pores turn to pupils

I can see you in the crevices of my skin

You leave footprints under my eyelids

Your soles azonto on my irises

I touch my face

breathing your taste into my fingers, your fear into my fury

I cup fireflies in my palms

Cradling them as they flicker

on and off…on and off…

There is residue from us

Glued together

Like tape to paper

If the earth splits

wide like a plum squished in the sun

Will the rays reflect the thin-veined blood

smeared like grease on the cusp of the sky

The threadbare frays of cumulus clouds

The simper of thunder whispering air into the

mouths of shooting stars

If the earth cracks

like a spread-eagled spine

florid, translucent as the dew


down the underside of a grape

the limpid drop




And the earth rips,

split, like an expanse of belly

will you



the ends

of the horizon

to bathe

in the


of my tongue?

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