DIALOGUE OVER THE TWILIGHT ZONE.(Ebony & Ivory) – by Moses Muyanja Kyeyune (Uganda)

DIALOGUE OVER THE TWILIGHT ZONE.(Ebony & Ivory) –  by Moses Muyanja Kyeyune (Uganda)

EBONY:                                  SING, sing Ivory, inspire my night in Music.

Throw your voice over this shining cordon,

Into the halo of your ever clambering moon.

Color this cloud floating silent in my musings.

IVORY:                                    MIDNIGHT Prowler, hunting solo, hunting forlorn,

Lift your eyes and look upon my shadow.

Don’t you see, I’ve been frozen in Luna’s bright awe?

My voice ebbs and wanes in the twilight zone.

Look, look how I glide over your cradle,

Hold your whisperings, hold do not intrude,

On a night like this, even a sigh would be crude,

Listen to the music in your heart’s own throttle.

EBONY:                                  BEAUTIFUL, how can I hold my breath for this interlude,

When it is your song that draws me to this wall?

Will you sing that I may hearken to your call;

And howl out to my brothers from far and wide?

For my eyes are aglow, your moon should never fall,

Here I am drawn to you from the wild,

Can you thwart nature’s instinct nature’s pride?

Thrive, thrive do not stifle the fire in your soul.

IVORY:                                   THE fire in my soul is to my body weld,

A spirit that burns free must itself immolate,

The embers of my freedom have scattered your way,

Have drawn you to me like a weapon I wield sildenafil 100mg.

EBONY:                                  WHO then, do you sing for desolate the night,

Perched upon the hands of time like an Angel?

Is there Nectar in the curled up flower, Say Nightingale,

Or do you eat the Rose-buds on your fancy flight?

IVORY:                                    I sing for the Rose the bees have made weary

Nightly, I gaze upon her and her beauty devour,

In the moon’s shadow she’s without tint or color,

A beauty that sleeps gives wholly and freely.

EBONY:                                  THEN let me drawn into your Orb journeying lonely,

Share with me your some, your heavenly delights,

Let me rest my eyes from this contrasting night

And sleep like the flowers dressed naked in Ebony.

IVORY:                                    SLEEP in Ebony, and tonight our dreams shall be shared,

Drift into my shadow like a lover where I hide,

And there, upon entering to my world do abide,

Then I shall sing for your musings and music shall bear.

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