THE CARPENTER by El Lazim Elbasha (Sudan)

THE CARPENTER by El Lazim Elbasha (Sudan)

 What a beautiful house you have, he says to me.

He irresistibly stares at the two stone carvings at the front of my house.

He places his hands on my furniture.

I wish I could try to stop him.

But he would lose his temper,

And would forcefully grab my assets and cause wreckage.

So I ignore it, in the name of saving my expensive house from damage.

He draws my curtains and enjoys the beautiful view.

He then holds the two poles at the entrance of my door,

And runs his hands on their smooth painted surfaces.

My anger overcomes the pleasure.

He pulls out his disastrous drill from his toolbox.

I know he is up to no good.

I get scared, sad and enraged.

But I can’t say a word.

He drills into my beautiful walls, and leaves the paint peeling off.

Ohh that dirty, abused feeling I get.

He displays a nasty smile and promises to return the following day.

Watching him leave,

All I do is cry, as I draw back my curtains.

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