“Ms Xylophone about her life mate”

I cheap nba jerseys have had one night stands,

Some have used me for just hours, discarded me without a second glance.

Many prefer Miss G, Miss Sax and Mrs. Trump

But not him, no he chose me, ordinary Xy!

It was like online the hands of the Almighty pointed him towards me.

His eyes never wavered once they connected Portal! with Poetry me across the room.

And when he touched me,

I knew we cheap nfl jerseys were destined to be lifemates.

Ours was to be a love affair of legends.


This player of mine, he is so different from the others I allowed before him.

He doesn’t just dive and bang, bang…. looking to see the watchers reaction!

No. This player of mine, he takes his time.

He lays me out in the open, re-arranging my body to Professional align with his.

His eyes devouring me…

The watchers can keep watching, but this player of mine, I am all he sees.

Taking his time, savoring the feeling……

He drives me crazy with craving his touch.

He almost makes me do the impossible – crying out on my own.

But this player of mine, he knows am not ready.

For when he is absolutely certain, that I am,

He allows the connection.

He softly taps on where I most crave his wholesale nfl jerseys touch,

I cry out, filled with longing.

He taps me POETRY again and again and again….


Reveling in my surrender, he takes over cheap jerseys the rhythm,

Creating a molten stream of notes

Teasing over my skin, tweaking my peaks

Lower notes resonate deep in treatment my most feminine core, throbbing there,

The sensations travel through my body.

My player pouring his fire and passion into me

His hands moving over my body, shaping and memorizing my every curve

Every separate cry is a stroke of his love

Every separate sigh is a stroke to his passion.

His head bent over me, body swaying, as my sounds move through him

His pulse beating through me

My melody rising with his passion, surrounding us,

Vibrating between us, as my body erupts with glorious notes of pleasure.


By Rehema Nanfuka, fourth winner of the BN Poetry Award.


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