Poetry Manuscripts, Anyone? We’re here to edit and publish

2023 has opened up with us crafting and shaping poetry. It’s a buffet of words, writers penning down thoughts from the vastness of the universe. Their feelings and their creative ideas have a natural affinity which makes them write. Words shaped into verses, sojourners into the world of poetry.

We are editors. We are publishers. We are seekers of knowledge. We work with African writers from all over the world, creative thinkers and visionaries, to shape their words into poetry manuscripts, poetry collections, poetry anthologies. We’ll craft it together. We’ll build this poetry world, together.

If you have a manuscript, a few pages of poetry, words which you believe have the potential towards poetry, or if you just want to chat about poetry, do reach out.


Our email addresses are


and babishainiwe@babishainiwe.com

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