It’s the fragrance, mother;

the intoxicating crispy fragrance

of colored newly mint coinage.

Sometimes the shimmering glitter

of gold or silver.

It matters not mother

what figures are imprinted on,

just the fragrance!

The fragrance that drives me

to plunder my core,

to pillage my country to nothing,

squandering it to desolation.

The fragrance that possesses me

to bare my nakedness to them,

to vend my soul’s worth,

to trade my country’s worth!

The fragrance that devours me

and sparks hunger pangs,

coercing me to crave and covet theirs

staining my hands with blood !

It’s the fragrance mother;

the musky musty odor

of old and used notes,

sometimes the dull hue of coinage

that quenches my thirst and ardor!

It matters not mother

what figures are imprinted on

Just the fragrance mother!

Just the fragrance.

Regina Asinde, 2nd winner BNPA 2010 under the theme Money and Culture. She won 150 USD and autographed copies of poetry by prolific poets including Unjumping by Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva

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