The Hustler


He roughly pushes through the populous kikubo lane.

The titanic load on the head sinking his neck into his torso forcing his body to dwarf.

“Fasi..Fasi…”his mouth cries hoarsely, his tougue licking riverets of sweat off his hard

Muscled face. His rapid pace slows, at the bounds of the thick crowd, his eyes blindly staring at the shoes of those in front of him, waiting hopefully for them to give space.

A sharp pain cut into his left ear like water puffed through the nose

The rhythmical throbbing of his heart climbing to the head                                                                                         he felt hot. So hot that it hurt….

His blood boiling at an increased degree.

His head pounding hard as it swayed upfront and back.

“A voice was calling….”

His hands weakened letting loose of the load, suddenly his head felt heavy as his whole body slipped away from his will to reach his destination,

“Aim not going to be paid…..”His mind concluded.

He felt his head thinning, separating from the load at the jet of his breath as he fell on top of his face.

Nakisanze Segawa, 3rd winner BNPA 2010, under the theme Money and Culture. She won 100 USD and autographed copies of poetry by prolific poets including  Unjumping by Nambozo Nsengiyunva

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